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About Us


Welcome to the Funding Opportunities for Legal Aid (FOLA) Group!

Click here to view an introduction video for this group siteAnd click here to view more detailed written instructions on how to use this site.

This interactive group website will serve as a clearinghouse for posting information about funding opportunities for legal aid. Group users may post comments by topic as well as add pages or documents as they feel necessary. Users also have the option to receive emails about funding news as it comes available.

NLADA has been tracking opportunities for civil legal aid advocacy for many years. We are particularly excited about the ability of legal aid programs to find advocacy funding opportunities within the Obama administration. This website will chronicle the most promising of these advocacy funding sources. It will also serve as a resource to document and address administrative inefficiencies in how these funds are administered through the legal aid community.

The recently passed stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, has opened new opportunities for potential funding streams for legal aid providers. NLADA created this group communication vehicle after receiving an overwhelming response from the legal aid community about how the new stimulus funding might be used to support the huge growing need for civil legal assistance. This group is intended to serve as a portal for posting new and existing federal and state resources and is open to NLADA members and other stakeholders interested in funding opportunities for legal aid. The success of this group depends on users posting content. To this end, we encourage everyone to share relevant funding news, best Network Ninjapractices, resources and opportunities to make this a valuable resource for everyone!

NLADA wishes to thank PS Technologies, Inc.  and Network Ninja for their technical support and partnership in helping to build this group website

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