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Blueprint for Justice: Rethink. Retool. Rebuild.

Blueprint for Justice

One of the bedrock principles of American society is that all people—whether rich or poor—are entitled to justice. As a nation, justice is the tie that binds us.

Yet for a variety of complex and interrelated reasons, our justice system is in crisis: legal aid and public defender programs are severely underfunded; attorney caseloads are overwhelming; people are turned away without representation. The evidence of this crisis abounds.

The Legal Services Corporation estimated that in 2009 it was unable to serve almost one million people who sought assistance. At the height of our nation’s economic downturn—with poverty at an historic high and evictions, unemployment and foreclosures at epidemic levels, for every person that was served by a legal services program, one eligible person was turned away.

2013 Annual Conference Session Proposals

Conference Information:

NLADA’s Annual Conference is the leading national training event of the year for the civil legal aid, indigent defense, and public interest law communities.

Partners in Promoting Justice: A Strategic Alliance of California Advocates Fight for Tenants in Foreclosed Homes

September 12, 2013 by mhoward

Funders regularly list collaboration with other organizations as highly desirable in a successful grant application. However, in the increasingly competitive funding environment, collaboration is easier said than done. Through this workshop, learn about a highly effective and collaborative approach to mitigating the impact of the foreclosure crisis on tenants.

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