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HUD Stimulus funding for homelessness prevention

I have been told that HUD expects all proposals to be submitted for this program by the States by May 17th. HUD has also encouraged states to get their proposals into their system as soon as possible before May 18th -- so in fact, Maine is hoping to complete their proposal by May 1. HUD's response is expected on a 6 week turnaround basis --so c. July 6, but folks do not expect HUD to make any changes in the proposal forwarded by the States. ARRA funding will be available by September.

She also believes that the way States will be utilizing these funds is through amendments to their Consolidated Plans and to the specific provisions in those plans that relate to homelessness prevention. In Maine, the current 5 year plan is posted online on the Maine State Housing Authority website. The strategies under consideration in Maine include both activities which will help avoid homelessness (including eviction representation by legal aid attorneys) and efforts to help move those who are homeless into stable housing (such as enhanced case management services, funding for security deposits, etc.) The folks in our State who are charged with developing this proposal were very open to receiving my short written proposal for how legal aid services could address the goal of homelessness prevention and agreed to add it to the mix of strategies under consideration.

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